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Target public

Any person whose written French is indispensable in his / her work Questionnaire: 60 multiple-choice questions


English, French, German, and Spanish


60 multiple-choice questions

Time taken

Beginner/intermediate level :15 minutes (timed) Advanced level :12 minutes (timed)

French is the ninth most widely spoken language in the world, being an international language of commerce, diplomacy and the official language of the United Nations, with over 200 million people speaking French worldwide.

However, research shows that mastering the spoken language is not enough to implement good writing skills and grammar in the workplace. A recent study from TextMaster highlighted that 90% of professional emails have at least one spelling mistake, which can have a huge impact on sales revenue or even be received as a spam email by clients.

The French Language Test assesses the French writing ability of your candidates' and employees'. Whether they are native or non-native French speakers, the test measures their knowledge in 3 core areas: spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.

 It positions the candidate on the Common European Framework of Reference ranging from basic (A1) to intermediate (B2) level.

Strong points

Overall score out of 20

Positions candidates on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages

Provides answers to the questions

Graphs and charts for at a-glance analysis

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