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German Language Test


German is the most spoken language in the European Union, with over 90 million speakers. Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world and the largest in Europe. German language proficiency is therefore a considerable asset in many industries.

German language test allows you to objectively assess a person's ability to understand and communicate in German, especially in a business situation. It evaluates three aspects of your candidate’s German: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.


Would you risk your company’s reputation being damaged by poor vocabulary or spelling errors? This assessment enables you to determine your future employees' proficiency in German at the recruitment stage.

Internal mobility

An understanding of the subtleties of German vocabulary, and impeccable German writing skills, are essential if a person works in a German-speaking environment and wishes to see professional development. The results of this assessment will enable you to easily identify areas for improvement in employees' German language skills and subsequently develop training tailored  to their level.

Target audience: Non-native German speakers (intermediate to advanced level)
Questionnaire: 55 questions
Duration: 30 minutes
Languages: English, French, German, and Spanish


  •  Assesses three aspects: written comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary
  •  Gives an overall score out of 10
  •  Provides answers to the questions

The candidate will receive an overall score out of 10 as well as a score for each of the three dimensions:

Written comprehension: Assesses an individual’s ability to assimilate and understand information from written texts

Vocabulary: Measures the understanding of words essential to communicating in German in a professional environment

Grammar: A good level of grammar helps in reading, writing, and communicating in German

  •  Overall score out of 10
  •  Graph
  •  Score per dimension
  •  Comments section (this part can be deactivated, if required)

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