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Managerial skills

Managerial skills | 02 Nov. 2021
How to support Career Change

A rethink in career often stems from a discrepancy between people’s needs and their current reality. The greater this gap, the greater the feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration, and greater the need to change course to get back onto a path that makes sense for them.

Managerial skills | 06 Jan. 2020
Management: 3 lessons from Santa

Christmas... The richly decorated Christmas trees, carefully wrapped gifts, excited children and a touch of magic in the air... But what would Christmas be without the legendary “Santa” ?

Managerial skills | 29 Nov. 2018
Six cognitive biases to avoid in strategic management

We have well seen how many start-ups have experienced a slowdown or even been eliminated from the market due to poor decisions by their charismatic leaders. And yet most of them were recognized to be brilliant.