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Career Development

Career Development | 05 Aug. 2019
How to Quit an Unfulfilling Job and Pursue Your Dream Career

Sometimes it feels like you’re blindly following a path laid before you, moving from job to job or promotions without really finding fulfilment. All of a sudden, you look around you and you discover that you’re not truly happy or fulfilled and you’re not quite sure how you ended up there. You feel stuck and try to rationalize this career path, justifying your unhappiness because of the comfort and security you get from the position.

Career Development | 19 Sep. 2016
RIASEC in depth, part 6: Are your employees Conventional?

Conventional employees are often seen as traditional, ones who like to follow the routine, and avoid work that does not have clear directions. But a Conventional employee is more than that. In the workplace, the Conventional personality types keep the things running smoothly and take the organization to the next level. You will find that some of your most efficient and dependable finance personnel, administrators and technical writers are Conventional.

Career Development | 17 Jun. 2016
RIASEC in depth, part 5: Are your employees Enterprising?

An enterprising person is defined by the dictionary as resourceful, bold and initiative — But an Enterprising personality defined by RIASEC model is much more than that. Holland’s RIASEC model puts forward that personality is key to understand work interests and it divides people into six personality-based groups, one of them being Enterprising. He also states that individuals belonging to these personality groups have a preference for certain types of tasks and interactional styles, knowledge of which shall allow you to quickly determine any individual’s career fit.

Career Development | 03 May. 2016
RIASEC in depth, part 4: Are your employees Social?

What do you think of when you hear the words “a Social employee”? Someone who’s always suggesting after-work drinks or chatting with friends and colleagues? Who cheers you up on a Monday morning, but stresses you out when you need everyone focused on their work?