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Video Interview

Discover your candidate’s skills beyond the CV with the pre-recorded video interview

Adopt a smarter approach to shortlist and recruit applicants with the new pre-recorded video interviewing solution—Smart Interview.
Improve your brand as an employer and optimise your application process with an innovative, intuitive and 100% customisable solution.

interview Central Test

One single tool to manage all of your assessment projects and make reliable decisions based on Smart Data

Facilitate your assessment projects in a single platform. Reveal in real-time the best profiles with our advanced features. Create a campaign in just one click, identify candidate’s compatibility with specific competencies and job roles.

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Predictive Matching

Better predict people’s potential by leveraging powerful insights based on multi-criteria approach

Use smart data to accurately identify the best profiles. With our innovative matching tool - Talent Map- quickly assess candidate’s suitability with the job roles, required skills and corporate values.

Solutions for every HR evaluation issue
Career management
Career management
Team cohesion
Team cohesion
Skill Development
Skill Development

Avoid selection errors and support your decision making with objective data. Our tests for recruitment give you information to quickly identify candidates' potential in a non-discriminating manner.

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Support your employees’ career development with new perspectives and choices. Our approach, which combines several assessments and tailored consulting, will help you gain a complete overview of people capabilities and aspirations.

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Assess your team’s characteristics, boost synergy among your employees, and improve group dynamics.

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Assess individual and collective know-how, interpersonal skills, and create development programmes to maximise talent.

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A growth mindset has become one of the most sought after soft skills that employers search for for various reasons. In this article, we gain a deep understanding of a growth mindset, and ways to develop it in your everyday life.

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Hiring right by looking at the right skills

Most companies today focus on hiring the right talent for a given job. While companies invest a lot in background checks and getting the structure of the interview right to find the right talent, many tend to miss out on using a data-driven approach for their hiring process.

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Self-knowledge: The basis of everything!

We will see, through different examples, how self-knowledge has become an essential daily soft-skill in both the professional and personal spheres.