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4X more reliable than traditional assessments

Predictive science-based Talent Assessment Solutions

4X more reliable than traditional assessments

Our assessment solutions are based on an innovative predictive approach that
combines cutting-edge technology with scientific psychometric validity.
Get valuable insights into your people and deliver objective results to all your HR challenges.

4X plus fiables que les évaluations classiques

Nos solutions d’évaluation s’appuient sur une approche prédictive innovante qui
combine technologie de pointe et validité scientifique.
Obtenez des données précieuses sur vos talents et apportez des réponses objectives à toutes vos problématiques RH.

Psychometrics testing and skills assessments

Uncover potential and develop talent with psychometric
assessment tools tailoredto each profile
and every HR need.


Mieux révéler les potentiels et développer les talents avec des outils
d'évaluation adaptés à chaque profil et contexte RH.


Reduce the risks of hiring error by 50%.

Our predictive recruitment assessments comprehensively evaluate all the relevant competencies and abilities for making data-backed HR decisions.
The advanced predictive technology uses thousands of possible configurations per skill, providing reliable matching and enabling you to make informed and effective hiring decisions.

  • 3X success in your recruitment
  • Non-discriminatory assessments
  • In-depth analysis of competencies
  • Reliable interpretation of scores
Predictive matching
Modèle Prédictif

Identify the right predictors of job success

Central Test’s predictive model is a solution to the growing need for companies to develop various skills and identify potential candidates for success. It enables organisations to define their own criteria for job success while adapting the expected skills and objectively evaluating a candidate's fit to these criteria.

  • +1200 customisable job referential
  • 63 competencies ranked according to their significance across 5 levels
  • Multi-criteria approach for greater precision
  • Customisable and user-friendly models

Reveal the real potential of individuals

89% of hires fail to perform within the first 18 months due to behavioural and values that don't align with the organisation.
Our psychometric assessments take into account every factor related to an individual's personality, motivation and cognitive abilities to predict their behaviour and soft skills better.

  • 63 soft skills that can be assessed and developed
  • Consideration of multidisciplinary jobs
  • Optimal prediction of candidate’s potential
  • Significant time savings
Predictive matching
Smart Inreview

Look beyond the CV with pre-recorded video interviews.

Adopt a smarter approach to shortlisting and recruiting candidates with the new pre-recorded video interviewing solution—Smart Interview.
Enhance your employer brand and optimise the candidate experience with an innovative, intuitive and 100% customisable solution.

Solutions for every HR evaluation issue
Career management
Career management
Team cohesion
Team cohesion
Skill Development
Skill Development

Avoid selection errors and support your decision making with objective data. Our tests for recruitment give you information to quickly identify candidates' potential in a non-discriminating manner.

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Support your employees’ career development with new perspectives and choices. Our approach, which combines several assessments and tailored consulting, will help you gain a complete overview of people capabilities and aspirations.

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Assess your team’s characteristics, boost synergy among your employees, and improve group dynamics.

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Assess individual and collective know-how, interpersonal skills, and create development programmes to maximise talent.

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Training and Support

Central Test provides businesses and human resource professionals high-quality support for using our assessment solutions. Our training courses offer a stimulating and enriching experience, with unique programmes based on modern pedagogy, adapted to current challenges.

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