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Emotional intelligence is essential for achieving professional success as it drives 67% of the essential skills needed for an optimal performance at work.

EMOTION 2 highlights some unique dimensions adjusted to the current work environment such asself-control, self-awareness, self-motivation, dealing with diversity and motivating others.

Try EMOTION 2 and reveal your candidates' and employees' ability to understand and manage emotions, motivate themselves to achieve goals, and maintain a good relationship with their team.

Benefits of using EMOTION 2:

  •  Recruit individuals with emotional-awareness, who can also handle the unexpected at work.
  •  Assess managers and develop their ability to lead a diverse team.
  •  Strengthen the soft-skills of your employees for a highly productive and conductive work culture.

This offer is solely for companies, recruitment agencies, assessment centers, schools/universities, and other institutions.
Any request from individuals not associated with an HR department will be refused.