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The multicriteria algorithm that redefines the use of psychometrics

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Talent Map

Around 40% of companies combine two or three psychometric tests for the evaluation purposes. However, with most competency models only showing results from one single report, the assessor is often left to juggle different results to obtain a complete and insightful analysis of a person's profile.

TALENT MAP is an innovative and powerful Big Data algorithm that combines the results of multiple assessments as a single snapshot of an individual’s profile. This multi-criteria approach redefines the use of psychometric assessments by providing a finer, easy-to-interpret and predictive analysis of a candidate’s and/or employee’s potential.

Fully customizable, the TALENT MAP offers HR professionals and decision-makers the power to match a candidate profile with 36 competencies and 138 occupations in just one click.


The multi-criteria approach increases the effectiveness of your talent analysis by 40%

Integrate a multi-criteria assessment approach in 3 easy steps


talent map


talent map


The advantages of the TALENT MAP


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