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Maximise your hiring using predictive analysis of people potential

Faced with complex human and technological challenges such as jobs hybridisation, talent shortages, skills gap, the ability to anticipate in HR is crucial.
To avoid the risks associated with recruitment decisions, businesses are now becoming increasingly interested in HR analytic tools.

Predictive recruitment combines psychometrics, talent assessment data, and the power of artificial intelligence to predict skills, behaviours, and the potential for success of your candidates and employees.

This eBook explores the effectiveness of predictive analytics in recruitment, by detailing its key concepts and uses.
You will find practical insights to help you:

  •  Understand what predictive analytics is;

  •  Improve your decision making through the power of data;

  •  Identify the success criteria to predict the success in a role;

  •  Discover five concrete ways to implement effective recruitment based on predictive analytics.

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