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21 Mar 2013

Curiosity: An asset that reveals potential

Great thinkers who have changed the world - Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Steve Jobs - shared one common denominator: insatiable curiosity. 

Curiosity is an ability that makes us dig deeper and go beyond our limits. It is a desire to understand the meaning of things and have fuller, richer experiences.

How can curiosity be an asset in the world of work? How can we develop it into something that unlocks our potential?

Intellectual curiosity: A key to learning

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24 Aug 2011

Human Potential Beyond IQ

While IQ may be the gold standard measurement in matters of intelligence, there are other factors that are just as essential for success.

IQ has become the absolute reference point for intelligence, whether it's in everyday language, in the media, or within the psychology community. On Google, the key words ‘IQ' and ‘IQ test' are among the most commonly searched words on the web. The Central Test Research and Development team has been looking at the benefits and limitations of IQ analysis, as well as at its impact on our professional success. Here are their findings.

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