Talent Matcher

The advanced matching feature that boost your assessment campaigns

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Talent Matcher EN

Combine the power of Smart Data algorithms with psychometric assessments to find
the most suitable matches for your job roles.

TALENT MATCHER is an advanced predictive matching feature that helps you manage your assessment campaign quickly and easily.

By using Smart Data algorithms of the TALENT MAP, this feature simplifies the matching of candidates with a specific position and helps you select the best ones.

The benefits of TALENT MATCHER

  •  Plan and organize all your assessment campaigns easily (for recruitment, internal mobility and much more).
  •  Save time by visualising the matching of candidates with just one click.
  •  Match the candidates with a standard referential of 138 job roles. And add customized job roles for specific matches.
  •  Instantly compare up to 15 candidates for a job role.
  •  Get detailed insights in exploring your candidates'differences using the test comparison.