Talent Map

Multi-criteria approach for a 360° view of each profile

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Talent Map

The multicriteria approach increases the effectiveness of your talent analysis by 40%

TALENT MAP is an innovative assessment tool that implements the muti-criteria approach. It uses Big Data algorithm to combine the results of several assessments into a single snapshot of your candidate's profile.

Fully customisable, the TALENT MAP empowers HR professionals and decision-makers to evaluate the candidates in just one click, from the first assessment taken.


Your benefits

  •  Save time by avoiding to juggle multiple assessment reports.
  •  Get a 360° overview of the candidate’s talent and potential.
  •  Match the candidate’s profile with a standard referential of 36 behavioural skills.
  •  Verify the candidate’s profile suitability with a standard referential of 138 job roles.
  •  Find the candidate’s profile fit with a standard referential 12 corporate values.
  •  Integrate your own framework by adding customised referential of skills, jobs, and values.