Personality and Attitudes

Personality and Attitudes

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Personality and Attitudes


When assessing a person’s suitability for a given position, be it in the context of recruitment or internal mobility, relying on a CV or interview alone can lead to costly errors of judgement.

Assessing personality gives an objective indication of a person’s workplace behaviour, ability to adapt, and their potential to succeed in a role.

Using a psychometric assessment to assess people’s personality brings a scientific approach to the evaluation process, thereby complementing other recruitment methods. It can reveal hidden talents and unexpected strengths, alter your perception, and also reveal areas for improvement.

Personality assessments have the potential to be an integral part of your recruitment or talent development process.

Professional Profile 2

Professional Profile 2 is a personality assessment providing an in-depth analysis of those personality traits directly linked to performance and motivation in the workplace.   

Big Five Profile

Central Test’s Big Five Profile identifies an individual’s distinctive personality traits according to the Five Factor model. It is suitable for individuals of all ages, including adolescents.


ETIX is a groundbreaking assessment designed to evaluate the likelihood of individuals engaging in counterproductive work behaviour.


WORK PROFILE is a personality assessment designed especially for entry-level jobs, requiring a lower level of qualifications.