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Occupational Inventories

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Occupational Inventories

Success, satisfaction, and good results often depend on people’s level of interest and motivation for their work.

Similarly, a lack of interest or motivation leads to frustration and behavioural conflicts. These can then result in poor performance and disengagement.

An analysis of individuals' occupational interests is therefore essential for any company, be it for the purposes of an evaluation, professional development, or career change. It also proves to be relevant during the recruitment process, as it will ensure a good match between a candidate’s aspirations and the role, company activity, and company's organisational culture.


VOCATION is a comprehensive assessment providing information on an individual’s interests and identifying the professional activities best suited to their personality. The assessment, which is based on the RIASEC model, measures levels of interest in 12 domains and matches the candidate’s profile with a list of 138 occupations.