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Occupational Interest Inventory-R

A guide to career management

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Occupational Interest Inventory-R

Occupational Interest Inventory is designed to be used in a wide spectrum of career guidance activities. It helps candidates choose an occupation, plan their career, and grow as professionals in the workplace.

The assessment, which is based on the RIASEC model, measures levels of interest in 12 domains and matches the candidate’s profile with a list of 138 occupations across various sectors and fields. In this way, it helps to pinpoint the most suitable profession for them.

The report provides a constructive analysis, helping the evaluator to initiate a meaningful dialogue with the candidate, understand their vocational interests, and match their profile with suitable career options.

Orientation and mobility

Occupational Interest Inventory can be a point of reference for career guidance processes, helping candidates to make informed decisions about their career. For those considering a career transition, it provides good insight into their job preferences.

The combined approach of RIASEC profiles opens the field of possibilities to a deeper exploration of an individual's aspirations by selecting occupations that align with their personality.

Skills assessment/training courses

Occupational Interest Inventory facilitates a dialogue between the individual and the assessor and, as of such, is an indispensable tool for skills assessments and trainings. For training courses, it can help trainers to optimise resources by identifying individuals' learning styles and the environment most conducive to their development.


When combined with a personality questionnaire, Occupational Interest Inventory can be an integral part of your recruitment process. Through an assessment of interests and professional aspirations, recruiters can assign the positions and responsibilities that would be most stimulating and rewarding for employees.

Target audience: All profiles
Questionnaire: 84 questions based on real-life scenarios
Test time: 12 minutes
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and German
Training: Certified training

  •  Provides the candidate’s combined RIASEC profile
  •  Matches the candidate’s profile with 138 different job categories

Analysis of 12 dimensions outlined by the RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional) model:

  •  Manual and Technical Interests
  •  Physical and Outdoor Activities
  •  Science and Technology
  •  Intellectual Curiosity and Learning
  •  Aesthetic Sense and Expression
  •  Creativity and Design
  •  Dedication to Others
  •  Personal Relationships
  •  Enterprising
  •  Leadership
  •  Methodical
  •  Data and Numbers

15 profiles and related descriptions derived from the RIASEC model

Example: Investigative/ Enterprising.

Matches the candidate’s profile with 138 job categories.

  •  Graph showing results
  •  Personalised comments
  •  Combined profiles
  •  Comparison of the candidate’s profile with 138 different job categories

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