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An interactive way to identify career interests

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IMMERSION is a modern assessment evaluating career interests through a simplified serious game approach. It is designed to portray real-life situations, while remaining a rigorous psychometric tool.

Focused on an individual’s preferences, the questionnaire brings up specific situations that they are likely to encounter in an organisation. The six domains outlined by the RIASEC model measure individuals’ interests and values, potential aptitudes, learning styles, and preferred working environments.

Career guidance and counselling

IMMERSION can be used as a facilitative tool for career counselling for students, especially those in professional courses. By placing them in a real-world work scenario, it gives them an opportunity to explore the kind of tasks and activities they would like to do. IMMERSION also matches the candidate’s profile with a list of occupations, which can be used as a reference point for exploring opportunities.

Career development and internal mobility

IMMERSION highlights individuals’ self-awareness and provides a deeper understanding of their interests and strengths in a work environment. It guides an individual's career choices by matching their interests and personality with various job profiles. From an internal mobility perspective, IMMERSION can facilitate people’s development within a company and encourage those who are looking for growth and change.

Recruitment and training

In addition to personality and aptitude assessments, IMMERSION can be a useful tool for the recruitment of any position. It helps you to understand a candidate’s inclination towards specific tasks and to identify a person’s interest level for a specific role.

The assessment is also a must-have for training. The results provide a good foundation on which to begin a constructive dialogue with your employees. Furthermore, they can help you improve your training sessions by identifying your trainees’ learning styles and preferred learning environments.

Target audience: Students, trainees, interns, and professionals at all levels
Questionnaire: 50 questions based on real-life scenarios
Time: 15 minutes
Language: English and French
Training: Certification training


Interactive questionnaire that neutralises the impact of fatigue and boredom
Candidate’s combined RIASEC profile
Comparison of the candidate’s profile with 138 job categories
Developed using one of the most advanced psychometric techniques – the Thurstonian IRT model

Analysis of 6 dimensions outlined by the RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional) model:

  •  Physical and Outdoor Activities
  •  Manual and Technical Interests
  •  Intellectual Curiosity and Learning
  •  Science and Technology
  •  Aesthetic Sense and Expression
  •  Creativity and Design
  •  Dedication to Others
  •  Personal Relationships
  •  Enterprising
  •  Leadership
  •  Methodical
  •  Interest in Data and Numbers

15 combined profiles derived from the RIASEC model. For example: Investigative/ Enterprising.

  •  General Profile
  •  Graph showing results
  •  Personalised comments
  •  General RIASEC profile
  •  Combined profiles
  •  Comparison of the candidate’s profile with 138 different job categories

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