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As a psychometric assessment publisher, we believe in sharing our expertise and our experience, acquired over the years in our work with thousands of clients all over the world.

Central Test aims to support decision-makers and managers in achieving their HR strategic goals through consulting solutions.

Each session is customised according to our clients' needs, be it for one-time advice or long-term actions.


Our consulting and coaching solutions

The success of your organisation depends on your employees’ existing and future competencies, their motivation, and their dedication to their work.

Our counsellors will help you:

  •  Analyse the key competencies of your organisation
  •  Identify the skills you will need in the future 
  •  Analyse current profiles and define new ones
  •  Define an evaluation process based on objective criteria
  •  Conduct extensive interviews and provide personalised advice
Our consultation service is designed for companies managing their own HR processes and looking to save time and resources.
Our fields of expertise are:
  •  Review of needs
  •  Role analysis
  •  Competency mapping
  •  Candidate assessment and debriefing

In the era of Big Data, information management has become crucial to growth, innovation, and even the survival of organisations. It has even become a key factor in the management of human capital, which can at times be complex to analyse.

The science of psychometrics makes a better understanding of those less visible traits (i.e. personality traits and intellectual capabilities) possible, which is essential for understanding individuals’ commitment and effectiveness at the workplace.

When combined with our reliable psychometric assessments, our consulting services make it possible to have a better understanding of the underlying human aspects of productivity and performance.

Our psychometricians, psychologists and IT analysts are used to managing and analysing data obtained from thousands of people, and are therefore able to establish specific calibrations relating to your criteria that will help you in your decision-making.

Our consultants will help you at every step of the way while you implement efficient practices to both improve overall performance and ensure your HR management is results-oriented and functioning well.

Our consulting expertise covers the following areas:

  •  Predictive behavior and competencies analysis
  •  Comparative analysis of individuals according to different criteria (age, professional level, experience, sales and managerial skills, etc.)
  •  Performance studies, 360° analysis, and team cohesion

In a constantly changing environment, adapting one’s competencies to meet current and future business challenges has become a crucial objective for HR and Training Managers.

As professional training evolves, the methods for developing skills must also do so.

To help you reinforce individual's talent, we offer an approach that combines the analysis and assessment of current skills with personalised advice for future actions.

Central Test’s consulting solutions are adapted to all business sectors and to all decision-makers: directors, managers, trainers, and counsellors.

Consultant trainers specialising in leadership and management can support you in your development plans, whether you wish to optimise your organisational structure, conduct team audits, identify good talent, prepare a succession plan, or plan for future training needs.

Our consulting services cover the following areas:
Team development plans:

  •  Sales and managerial audit
  •  Team cohesion evaluation
  •  Analysis of training needs and recommendations
Individual development plans
  •  Setting up of professional interviews and annual evaluations
  •  Identification of potential talent
  •  Analysis of training needs and recommendations

Our expertise

Our consultants have experience of numerous fields, a multicultural vision, and an in-depth knowledge of current business challenges.

Moreover, our expert team has been specially selected for their interpersonal, scientific, and operational abilities.

Our clients’ needs are our consulting team's main focus. They ensure that the solution provided is designed to perfectly meet your expectations.

Your benefits

Benefit from our consultants' expertise and support as you look for ways to improve your employees' performance. 

Big Data analytics helps you predict the future performances of your employees and thereby understand how to improve your teams’ productivity.

Our personalised service is tailored to your needs and helps you implement the specific HR actions you require, whether that's recruitment, auditing, training, development plans, or something else altogether.

Our consulting services are developed to meet your requirements, your employees’ competency levels, and your time and resources.

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