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Professionals today have many options to choose from when it comes to career growth, and many reasons to seek it: a promotion, a more rewarding career path, a better work-life balance... The reasons for a career change can vary from person to person. Yet in every situation, it is important that the move suits the aspirations and abilities of the individual in question.

For HR specialists, developing employees’ skills, gaining their loyalty, and retaining them is a major challenge.

For career guidance professionals, guiding young people in their career choices and supporting them in their first job are just as crucial.

Central Test has developed a range of products, which are specifically designed for career guidance and add significant value to the following activities:

- Career guidance for young people and students

- Skills assessment

- Internal and external employee mobility



Our approach

To better support your organisation’s career change and internal mobility processes, we suggest combining a personality assessment with an occupational interests and motivations inventory for a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s potential.

Key benefits:

  •  Gain an in-depth understanding of a person’s needs with an analysis of personality, interests, and motivations
  •  Provide new opportunities for your employees that fit their expectations
  •  Identify skills in need of development by comparing results to standard competencies or a personalised competency framework
  •  Facilitate young people’s integration into the business world, helping them avoid unsuitable career choices

Why choose our assessments?

Our occupational interests inventories meet high psychometric standards while being a positive experience for test-takers.

IMMERSION, our newest occupational interests inventory, is inspired by serious games. It assesses individuals’ work interests through questions based on real-life scenarios, circumventing the biases that prior perceptions of the individual or role may otherwise cause. This makes it perfectly suited for internal mobility.

Our test reports provide a rich and easy-to-understand analysis, assisting assessors in their decision-making. They give test-takers positively worded feedback and constructive analysis, enabling a productive dialogue and greater self-awareness.

The results match the candidate’s profile with 138 professions, which in turn contribute to the analysis of competencies required for the job in question.

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