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Improve team performance

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Improve team performance

A team’s success is directly linked to how well the team members complement each other, their capacity to work towards a common goal, and their shared values. Having a strong team enables you to resolve underlying conflicts, creating a unified and positive team, which is conducive to a dynamic work environment.

To build successful teams, you should undertake an accurate diagnosis of the competencies and interpersonal skills of each team member. Central Test helps you to explore your team’s group dynamic and develop an effective strategy for strengthening their team cohesion.


Our approach

To build effective and cohesive teams, we suggest combining personality and skills assessments with workshops.

Key benefits:

  •  Develop a better understanding of the way your teams work by identifying the strengths and limitations of the team members
  •  Improve communication within the team
  •  Reduce conflict and miscommunications by identifying each person’s motivations and aspirations
  •  Refine management processes in order to strengthen commitment and overall efficiency

Why choose our assessments?

Our consultants will support you in mapping skills specific to your team, which can be used to create team profiles. By then matching the profile with a chosen behaviour benchmark, training and development plans can be honed.

Our assessments allow you to have a clear and precise idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your sales force, thereby defining the actions needed to improve your sales teams’ results. Sales Profile-R helps with the accurate evaluation of an individual’s abilities and motivations in the field of sales.

Our assessments can be integrated into your support systems for managerial staff. Assessments such as CTPI-R and Professional Profile 2 can help you to better understand your managers' working styles and capacities for team and change management. They can also enable you to improve team cohesion by identifying team members' complementary motivations and traits.

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