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Identify high potentials

Most high-potential programmes are designed with managers and senior executives in mind, yet this can lead to your non-managerial talent being overlooked and underdeveloped. A high potential is not only a leader in the making. Rather, it is someone with a combination of potential, skills, and a strong performance.

However, identifying these individuals is not an easy task, especially when the definition of  a valuable skill depends on the business field and corporate culture of your company. Central Test helps you to identify the strategic skills your company needs and to detect your rising stars. We will also support you in the implementation of long-term talent management processes.


Our approach

For the objective identification of your high potentials, we propose using personality and key skills assessments, measuring items such as motivation, interests, adaptability, and learning capability, in combination with customised training programmes.

Key benefits:

  •  Define criteria that is tailored to your corporate culture, values, and business challenges
  •  Avoid cognitive bias, thereby ensuring the objective selection of your high potential
  •  Build individual career paths by both capitalising on existing abilities and identifying new ones
  •  Conduct succession planning by identifying tomorrow's leaders today

Why choose our assessments?

Our psychometric assessments help you assess those behavioural skills specific to high potentials, such as ambition, commitment, tolerance to stress, ethics, and long-term vision.

Our wide range of assessments allows you to evaluate any type of high potential profile, whether you are looking for talented salespeople, charismatic leaders, creative marketers, or inventive engineers.

You can also identify intellectual aptitude, emotional maturity, and the capacity for making good judgements, all of which are factors in predicting performance.

Having chosen assessments from Central Test, you can rely on a reliable and objective assessment process based on scientifically validated and internationally recognised methods. This approach will help you to implement CSR initiatives, particularly with regards to diversity, non-discrimination, and equal opportunities.

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