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Develop core skills

In a constantly evolving workplace, developing competencies that cater to both current and future business needs has become a major challenge for HR and training managers.

Developing skills is a complex process that requires an effective diagnosis of the short and medium-term needs of the organisation.

Central Test provides the consulting and assessment solutions you need to align individual employees’ aspirations with your organisation's requirements, thereby creating a sustainable, competitive advantage.



Our approach

We combine skills assessments with a framework for tailor-made training that can be integrated into your talent development processes. Central Test’s solutions meet the needs of all business sectors and all people involved in training, including executives, managers, trainers, and counsellors.

Key benefits

  •  Gain an understanding of individual and collective skills and proficiency levels in order to proactively take action
  •  Predict the skills that a person is most likely to develop
  •  Adapt training programs through the use of a competency framework specific to your organisation
  •  Use feedback on management styles to identify focus areas for training and also to enhance communication
  •  Improve overall performance by developing skills that match the organisation’s needs

Why choose our assessments?

We have personality and aptitude assessments for every position and level of responsibility in order to support you in the development of your talent. This will also help you to enhance your employees’ skills, enabling them to advance from entry level up as far as top management.

CTPI-R is dedicated to the identification and development of managerial skills. It is our customers’ preferred tool when it comes to training or coaching for executives and managers.
For identifying the training needs of your sales force, Sales Profile-R is a unique assessment that accurately evaluates all aspects of selling, from identifying needs to closing the deal.

Our advanced platform can integrate your organisation’s competency framework in order to obtain a quick and precise comparison with any given position. Standard competency and occupational frameworks are already integrated into our reports. Our consultants can also provide you with an in-depth analysis of team profiles so that you can better understand your team’s potential.

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