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The TALENT MAP evolves: discover the new Job Referential list

12 Oct 2016

The TALENT MAP evolves: discover the new Job Referential list

The Talent Map is a predictive tool dedicated to the interpretation of the multi-criteria evaluation.

Innovative and agile, the Talent Map evolves according to the needs of our clients. We have added new job referential list that expands the capabilities of existing matching features.

Our users can now analyse more than 138 occupations and 36 behavioural competencies from the first test taken on Central Test platform.

The new job referential integrates current professions from emerging sectors such as IT, digital, e-commerce and is internationally relevant.

TALENT MAP allows the interpretation of results of several assessments as a single snapshot of an individual’s potential, providing a finer and predictive analysis of a candidate’s and/or employee’s profile.

This in-depth examination provides more precise analysis and a complete overview of the candidate in terms of both behavioural and occupational suitability.

Talent Map is an indispensable tool for decision making in recruitment, talent management, or career development.

To discover the TALENT MAP, try our assessments.