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Improved features of the assessment platform

19 Mar 2017

Improved features of the assessment platform

Central Test has upgraded the features of its online assessment platform to better meet the specific HR needs and ensure an optimal use of its solutions.

Quickly create your job matching

Matching poste

The customization of your job referential and competency framework is now simplified. The design of your referential is responsive and it can be done on every online support – smartphone, tablet or computer.

For each profile, you can customize a job/competency referential specific to your organization by linking it with the test of your choice.  
The candidate matching with the specific job referential can then be visualized in the results report.

To further facilitate your use, you can now choose which parts of the reports you want to display and what order as per your requirements.

Generate group/ team analysis

With the « Group View » feature, you can now generate group analysis by directly exporting the scores of the assessment factors.
This feature is very useful during recruitment because it allows you to compare candidates who have taken the same assessment.

Each candidate can be compared to the average of the scores obtained by his group.
The scores obtained are displayed in a graphical and dynamic representation easy to interpret. The statistics are now displayed by evaluator and include details of the evaluations history.

Design multiple recruitment campaigns

The administration of your assessment campaigns has been completely redesigned. For companies and organizations with a large volume of candidates to evaluate, invitations and multiple relaunches can be made directly from each assessment menu.

A detailed report of each invitation is displayed ergonomically and you can easily access essential information about the campaign, such as the name of the assessor, the number of invited candidates, their evaluation status, and so on.

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