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Discover VOCATION, the new occupational interest assessment

10 Apr 2017

Discover VOCATION, the new occupational interest assessment

Central Test is pleased to announce that a new revised version of the Occupational Interest Inventory-R is now available under the name VOCATION.

VOCATION offers an in-depth analysis of 12 interest domains based on RIASEC model and matches the profile with 138 occupations, enabling the individual to pinpoint the most suitable profession that fits their interests and personality.

The new assessment offers a 3-factor combined RIASEC profile with 60 combinations tailored to the individual’s characteristics. Monitoring the social desirability of the candidate, the assessment offers excellent reliability and is culturally adapted in order to ensure that the questionnaire is interpreted objectively without a bias against gender and age. 

For recruitment needs the report provides a constructive analysis, helping the evaluator to initiate a meaningful dialogue with the candidate and better understand their vocational interests.

VOCATION can also be used to assist training courses by helping trainers and coaches optimize resources as well as identify an individual's learning style and the environment most conducive to their development.

To learn more about the assessment VOCATION, please visit our detailed product page.

If you’re not a client, we invite you to try the career assessment VOCATION for FREE.