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Recruiting salespeople: how to identify the best?

Driven by new digital technologies, the sales function has undergone profound transformations.

The growth of professional social networks, social selling, mobile CRM and intelligent databases all require some specific new skills. Furthermore, e-commerce and strong competition in every business sector have made it even more difficult to select profiles that meet the latest sales challenges. In this context, how do we find the best candidates? How can we identify those capable of adapting to the new requirements?

Central Test's new eBook gives you a hands-on approach to address these challenges, offering practical ways to identify sales potential and select the very best candidates.

You will find practical insights to help you:

  •  understand what characterises a successful salesperson today;

  •  identifying the sales potential using psychometric assessments;

  •  discover 3 key stages to analyse sales potential using a predictive approach

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