Why choose us?

10 top reasons why you should choose Central Test

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Why choose us?

Central Test is an international assessment publisher that offers state-of-the-art psychometric solutions along with quality services that are adapted to each client.

Here are 10 good reasons to choose Central Test:


We design and publish our own assessments

As a pyschometric assessments publisher, Central Test brings you not only its expertise but also the guarantee of reliable solutions that respond to current organisational challenges.

Publishing our own assessments also allows us to centre the development of our tools around your requirements. Our dedicated experts can also offer you tailored recommendations to meet your evaluation challenges.


Our assessments are scientifically validated and respect international standards 

Each psychometric assessment undergoes several years of research and respects the validation norms established by the American Psychological Association (APA), the British Psychological Society (BPS), and the International Test Commission (ITC), of which we are members.

Before being published, each of our assessments is subjected to validation procedures that are carried out by our Research and Innovation department. Moreover, our tests are revised every four or five years.

These revisions respond to the latest developments in psychology as well as direct feedback from our clients.

To ensure transparency, we offer manuals featuring statistical studies of our assessments free of charge to our clients.


Our assessments make targeting multiple populations possible

Unlike the majority of other assessment publishers, Central Test offers a wide range of assessments corresponding to specific job profiles and responsibility levels.

Our personality and reasoning assessments have been designed bearing in mind your candidates’ and employees’ roles, academic education, and linguistic skills.

Central Test offers multiple assessments for the analysis of personality and motivations, along with interests, cognitive skills, and aptitudes such as sales ability and emotional intelligence.

A multiple-assessment approach will provide you with a complete understanding of an individual, whether for recruitment, competency mapping, or internal evaluation.


Our assessments control social desirability

Social desirability is the tendency for certain candidates or employees to present themselves in a favourable manner. Our assessments either control social desirability by using a specific questionnaire structure or assess it by incorporating additional scales.

Moreover, no item appears more than once in the entire test, which prevents the candidate from choosing the same response to similar questions.  

In the case of Professional Profile 2, the structure of the questionnaire is even more effective, as it simply overcomes social desirability by using a combination of ipsative factors that measure distinct opposing personality traits. This model makes it almost impossible for any candidate to follow a strategy while taking the test.


We provide support and training in the use of our assessments

We support our clients in the choice and use of our assessments, providing them with key elements so that they can make the right decision.

Our training sessions, which are tailored to the needs of our clients, are designed for one purpose: to support users and provide them with know-how that will enable them to implement our assessments comfortably and independently.

Our R&I consultants offer personalised support that includes debriefing, job and competency frameworks, team audits, and statistical data analyses, all of which provide a reliable compentency-based approach to meeting your HR challenges.


Our assessments reduce cultural bias

The use of statistical methods, such as the IRT Thurstonian model, help us to reduce cultural bias and make our tools as consistent as possible in any given language.

Additional calibration for different countries allows us to refine the interpretation of results.

We are one of the few assessment publishers who build assessments in several languages right from the conceptualisation stage, which further reduces the risk of cultural bias.

We do not simply translate our solutions into your language: we speak your language, we understand your culture, and we adapt our solutions to address your issues.


Our online solutions can be integrated into your HR management systems

All the assessments are centralised in a single, web-intuitive, secured platform. They can also be integrated into your HR management system due to our use of the latest technology.  

Our new client interface offers customisation features that simplify your assessment management. For example, you can integrate your job and competency framework to obtain a profile matching your own operational criteria.


Our innovative assessments are adapted to current challenges

Innovation is a key priority at Central Test and so we invest 30% of our yearly turnover into psychometric and technological development.

This policy allows us to offer the latest innovative solutions that are relevant to current challenges. For example, our real-life based questionnaires, inspired by the serious game concept, make the evaluation more accessible and enjoyable for test-takers.

Our leading assessment, Professional Profile 2, has been designed and validated by the latest IRT Thurstone statistical model, making it one of the most reliable personality assessments on the market.


Our flexible pricing policy has been built around our clients' needs

We offer attractive and stable pricing with a perfect balance between quality and price. We pay close attention to our customers' requirements and know how to adapt our offerings to their needs.

The flexibility of our packages extends to our traning and consulting services, thereby allowing us to provide solutions for businesses of all sizes, be they SMEs, big corporations, or even educational institutions.


Our customer service is appreciated worldwide

Our clients are at the heart of what we do. Our client care advisors are appreciated by our clients all over the world. Every day, our counsellors strive to meet our clients’ requirements in the best possible manner.

Our international offices, with multilingual employees, allow us to provide answers to your queries in real time, irrespective of your geographical location.


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