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Research & Innovation

For more than 12 years, our Research and Innovation department has leveraged on the expertise of our multidisciplinary team to be at the forefront of technological and scientific progress within psychometrics and HR.

Our global team works closely with experts from different sectors – universities, business partners, and clients – to ensure optimal development of our solutions within a cross-cultural approach.


Innovation at Central Test

From the very beginning, Central Test has combined a passion for people and psychometrics with a strong interest in innovation and technology.

Thus, we have been able to develop unique solutions in a constantly evolving market in order to address a wide range of needs. Our products can measure personality, interests, motivations, emotional intelligence, sales and managerial skills, and stress management.

We constantly strive to push our boundaries in the creation of new solutions that meet both our clients’ needs and scientific standards for assessments.


Our ethical standards

Central Test belongs to the international scientific community, shares its psychometric knowledge with the media, contributes to the improvement of best practices, and conducts qualification training for its assessments in all its markets.

We provide a pleasant experience for candidates by ensuring a positive and personalised assessment experience. We also make our clients aware of their responsibilities when administering our assessments and interpreting the reports.

Our trainers and consultants from within the Research & Innovation department assist our clients in the selection and implementation of our assessments, ensuring their requirements are met.

An approved validation process

Our assessment tools are developed in accordance with the highest standards, as defined by the international scientific community. Each assessment is subjected to several years of research and respects the validation norms established by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the International Test Commission (ITC), of which we are members.

Some assessments, such as Professional Profile 2, are subjected to scientific publication and to certification processes for countries like the UK and Brazil.

Every 5 years, Central Test revises the psychometric properties of its assessments. These revisions include a content update, statistical analysis, and validity studies, as detailed in the test user’s manuals.

Our Study Department

Central Test has its own research centre for the validation of its assessments.

With more than 30,000 international members, it allows us to pre-test and calibrate a test, ensuring that it meets our quality standards.

Several partnerships with international panel suppliers reinforce our research, thereby allowing us to complete our validity studies in a timely manner and according to specific requirements.

At a very early stage, the assessments go through different validation steps to maintain their scientific relevance and ensure that they meet our clients’ expectations.

We utilise a psychometric validation process which is carried out in four stages (pre-testing in several steps, testing, re-testing, and external validation). This allows us to guarantee our assessments' reliability and to provide requisite calibration (country and other criteria) when the product is launched on the market.

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