Our Values and Commitment

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Our Values and Commitment

Innovation and a passion for human behaviour have been a part of Central Test’s DNA for more than 15 years.
Our success has been built around strong human values, driven by our employees, and shared by our partners, clients, and distributors.
Humanism, responsibility, passion, innovation, and a client-focused approach are the driving forces behind everything that we do.  These values are the guidelines of our business activity and express our strong multicultural identity. They express our deep commitment to increasing professional fulfillment, driving diversity, and becoming a source of growth for our clients.


Our values

Humanism and responsibility

We place the utmost importance on individuals and human values. We know the value of individual potential and interpersonal synergy, and so we aim to encourage and integrate diversity, unlock the talent of every employee, and bring together the aspirations of individuals and organisations. We are aware of the impact our assessments can have on individual evaluations, and therefore we constantly endeavour to provide reliable, relevant, and rewarding solutions that benefit test-takers and organisations alike.

Passion and innovation

Our passion for what we do drives us to constantly innovate and take on new challenges. We strive for excellence and are dedicated to creating truly unique and innovative solutions that respond to the challenges currently faced by the business world today. Innovation is the manifestation of our expertise, our collaborative qualities, our passion, and our determination to reinvent tomorrow’s assessments.

Client-centric approach

Central Test strives to meet the needs of clients by providing effective solutions for the long-term and successful management of human capital. Our ability to constantly adapt allows us to better respond to our clients' changing needs, providing them with the solutions needed to effectively meet all of their HR challenges.


Our commitments

We support equality, diversity, and opportunity in all of our business actions, by promoting the use of objective and non-discriminatory assessments among our clients and partners. We recognise, fulfil, and support equal opportunities for all by boosting growth on an individual and a collective level.
To fulfil our CSR, we commit to these three principles:
  •  The promotion of diversity and equal opportunities
  •  The matching of individual and organisational aspirations
  •  The reduction of our carbon footprint through going paperless

Our Diversity Charter not only realises Central Test’s CSR but also represents one of the corporate world’s major challenges in terms of cultural understanding and competitiveness.

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