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27 Jan 2014

The 3 best reasons for using psychometric tests

The pursuit of data has become a vital part of any decision-making process, and those who work in the field of human resources know this only too well. It is a question of obtaining relevant and objective information about potential employees, putting coherent guidelines in place for tracking employee performance, and having clear ideas about talent mobility.

Psychometric tests are essential for providing complete and objective data in order to make good recruitment and talent-management decisions.

1. Test results are easily quantifiable

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21 Mar 2013

Curiosity: An asset that reveals potential

Great thinkers who have changed the world - Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Steve Jobs - shared one common denominator: insatiable curiosity. 

Curiosity is an ability that makes us dig deeper and go beyond our limits. It is a desire to understand the meaning of things and have fuller, richer experiences.

How can curiosity be an asset in the world of work? How can we develop it into something that unlocks our potential?

Intellectual curiosity: A key to learning

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03 Jun 2011

How to identify and challenge your creative people

Tough times can sometimes reveal a positive side. The recession made many companies discover or re-discover that creativity was a crucial business asset. Creative thinking generates innovation and sets your company in gear for greater growth. However, two conditions apply: knowing how to identify who your creative people are and knowing how to get their creative juices flowing!
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