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Multi-criteria assessment

03 Jun 2011

How to uncover leadership potential

The concepts of management and leadership are not interchangeable. A good leader is not necessarily a good manager – nor is every manager a natural leader. While a flair for leadership is primarily a personality trait, management strengths tend to be founded on acquired skills and technical know-how. Being aware of these differences is essential when it comes to evaluating the leadership potential of your candidates.
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15 Apr 2011

How to identify candidate's sales acumen ?

Sales ability is not just a question of experience. It's also a matter of personality and motivation. Whatever the sphere of activity or the particular requirements of the job, it's clear that the most successful sales people all possess the same common denominator: an ability to sell – a skill that may be difficult to describe, but which is identifiable if you adopt a multi-faceted approach.

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24 Feb 2011

How to identify good managers from bad ones

Whether you recruiting or carrying out an internal reorganization, failing to take adequate measures when evaluating managers can be an expensive mistake for any business. While management roles may vary from job to job and from company to company, good managers all have certain qualities in common – and it is well-advised to evaluate these in an objective manner. 

The following is a list of the key characteristics:

1. Global Vision

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