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Assessment Platform

As a leading online assessment publisher, Central Test combines technological excellence with innovative psychometric methods in order to offer you the best assessment system possible.

Whether you are a large company, an SME, a consulting firm, or even a university, Central Test's assessment platform is suited to your environment and specific needs.

You will have access to our assessment modules through a secure platform, irrespective of your location or time zone, and regardless of your requirements. Our web services will ensure a seamless integration of our modules into your organisation’s HR systems.

Our SaaS platform requires zero investment from your side. Its development, hosting, and maintenance are managed by our IT experts.


Functionality of the platform



At the forefront of innovation, the TALENT MAP is based on the multi-criteria approach of psychometric assessment. It ensures the use of our psychometric assessments to their full potential as it enables easy cross interpretation of results by combining multiple assessments" Preactivated feature in the assessment platform, functional with the first test taken.

Your benefits

Enhanced predictability and reliability

TALENT MAP allows to cross interpret the results of several assessments by using the same competency framework, thereby providing a finer and predictive analysis of a candidate's or employee’s profile.

3 competency frameworks

TALENT MAP utilises three competency frameworks: 29 general, 28 managerial, and 24 sales competencies that can be targeted as per the candidate’s profile

Save time in the interpretation of results

With the TALENT MAP, you no longer need to juggle several reports to identify the key competences of a candidate. The Talent Map guarantees you a significant time saving by offering a common interpretation of the results.
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