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Assessment Platform

Whether you are a large company, an SME, a consulting firm, or an educational institution, Central Test's digital assessment platform helps you easily and efficiently manage all your assessment projects.

Whether for high-volume recruiting, internal development or career management programs, our platform is a complete assessment suite that fulfils your business requirements. Our SaaS platform is accessible on all devices, without any installation or additional costs.



Drive efficiently all of your assessment projects!


and recruitment

Career management
and guidance


Team audit and




Ipad Talent Matcher


A 360° view of each profile evaluated


Combine objectivity and reliability with our multi-criteria approach for a finer and predictive assessment of the your candidate’s potential.


Our innovative matching algorithm, TALENT MAP allows you to detect the best profiles that best fit the job role and your organization.

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The predictive matching TALENT MATCHER

Reveal in real-time the best profiles


Facilitate your assessment campaigns with our advanced job matching feature.


Create a campaign in just one click, match candidates and identify their compatibility with specific job roles.


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Run your TALENT MATCHER campaign in 3 easy steps



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Advanced features for a seamless assessment experience

Make reliable decisions based on objective data

Job Matching

Select the best profiles with our pre-mapped job referentials

Rapidity and simplicity

Access your interviews at any time via your computer or mobile phone. Online help is available 24 hours a day.

Behavioral Skills Matching

Find the best profiles compatible with your company culture and values

Multi-criteria assessment campaigns

Combine Smart Interview with psychometric and skills tests to make more reliable decisions.


Create referentials that fit your requirements. Customize tests reports.

Job matching

Define your assessment criteria to match candidates that fit the job profile and your company culture.

+ 30%

Time saving

In planning and real-time monitoring of your campaigns

- 45%


For improved decisions through predictive analytics

+ 60%


Assessment management and feedback in real time on the same interface



Compliance with legal obligations and data protection