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KAMOTO : Assessing candidates for different roles of varying qualification levels

30 Jan 2019

KAMOTO : Assessing candidates for different roles of varying qualification levels

Kamoto Copper Company  SA, subsidiary of the Katanga Mining group since 2006, manages a major mining complex in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The company exports refined copper and cobalt, it is driven to become one of the largest copper producers in Africa, and the leading cobalt producer in the world.

The challenge

As part of the company’s recruitment and internal mobility process, it was necessary for Kamoto Copper Company to be able to measure their candidates’ and employees’ personalities, motivations, managerial skills, and work ethic. Assessing all these different aspects means providing a comprehensive, thorough, overall view of the individuals capabilities. In addition, the assessment process must consider the various qualification levels across the different roles being recruited for (entry level, senior engineers, and management levels), to ensure that each participant is assessed in an appropriate manner, and the best candidate is selected for each role.

Kamoto Copper Company wanted to develop their testing practices by implementing a more secure and effective approach. Psychometric assessments had always been administered in paper format which raised numerous issues; excessive resource allocation to manual marking, risks of cheating, assessor objectivity, confidentiality, amongst others. Consistency in assessment practices and results was a major issue in optimising their HR processes.

Kamoto Copper Company called on Central Test to respond to a number of their internal challenges; analysing multiple dimensions including personality and motivation, adapting to different qualification levels, and the security of the assessments.

The solution

In order to fully assess personality and skills across different roles, Central Test proposed using a range of assessments that are both broad and specifically adapted to the varying qualification levels :

The full proposal is presented online, matching the security needs and best practices sought by Kamoto.

The results

Central Test has helped Kamoto to make its recruitment and internal mobility processes more reliable and objective, particularly by eliminating possibilities of subjective bias and marking errors from assessors.

This, in turn, has made their Human Resource processes far more effective by drastically minimising the time to produce results. Prior to the work with Central Test, it used to take Kamoto a week to produce assessment results for 60 to 70 candidates, in the pre-selection phase. Results are now generated instantly, making important decisions such as which candidate to employ, far more efficient and quicker.

Over the last year, Kamoto has seen a significant advance in terms of the quality and relevance of the assessments offered. This was confirmed by the increasing willingness of candidates to partake in the psychometric testing, as well as their positive feedback.

Using scientifically validated tests which assess crucial factors in the mining sector, such as work ethic, has helped to make Kamoto’s processes more transparent and enhance the company’s credibility in the eyes of the different stakeholders and investors.


Central Test has enabled us to make our recruitment process more impartial and effective which in turn has made us more responsive and more confident in our
HR decision making.

Paul Malemo
Human Resources Director, Kamoto Copper Company

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