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INCUBALLIANCE : Identifying the entrepreneurial potential of project leaders

30 Jan 2019

INCUBALLIANCE : Identifying the entrepreneurial potential of project leaders

IncubAlliance is the leading technological incubator in research and innovation in France. Founded in 2005 by the renowned university and research institution, Paris Saclay, the main role of IncubAlliance is to increase the chances of transforming innovative technological projects into companies with high growth potential.

Incuballiance has 15 years of experience and has successfully nurtured 306 projects, has an average of 50 ongoing projects, and has successfully developed 243 companies with 168 still currently operating (2 on the stock exchange). The incubator receives support from the Ministry of Research, the European Union, and other regional authorities.

The challenge

GenesisLab is a 41-day entrepreneurial course, taking place in the early days of growth of the project. Its purpose is to support innovative start-ups and help them implement their 5-year business plan and operational roadmap.

Incuballiance turned to Central Test, as an expert in assessing people potential, to participate in a workshop aimed at identifying and developing individuals’ entrepreneurial skills. The main objective was to identify each of the attendees’ behavioural characteristics and managerial style.

The solution

In order to identify each individual’s entrepreneurial skills and better support them in identifying their assets and profile, Central Test decided to implement a three-stage strategy:

  •  Assessment of behavioural tendencies, managerial skills, and competencies needed to create a business, using the Entrepreneur Test and CTPI-R. The Entrepreneur Test combines personality factors with factors related to entrepreneurial experience, and provides a matching with typical entrepreneur profiles. CTPI-R assesses the skills specific to managers and directors while identifying their thinking and working styles.
  •  An individual 45 minute debrief about their entrepreneurial assets, potential areas of weakness, managerial style and their role in the team.
  •  Personalised recommendations for each project leader about the team match, considering the differences as well as the complementary qualities of future employees, themselves and/or partners.

The results

The assessments allowed project leaders to highlight their strengths and their potential for success in terms of their competencies and behavioural qualities.

Thanks to the in-depth feedback they received, the individuals of the GensisLab project were able to focus on entrepreneurial dynamics and develop better suited plans for their specific needs and the resources available to them.

This workshop was integrated into the complete curriculum in order to support the development of the start-up.


The challenging process of building a team in the startup world is crucial. We entrusted Central Test with this challenge so they could make the project leaders conscious about the same. The implemented solution has allowed each leader to not only become better versions of themselves, but also to explore possible complementary assets within their future team in order to develop a harmonious team.

Florence Faucheur
Operations Support Manager, Incuballiance

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