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How to choose the perfect gift for every personality type

20 Dec 2016

How to choose the perfect gift for every personality type


They say that it's the sentiment behind the gift that really matters. Fair enough, but finding the perfect gift that justifies your noble sentiment and brings “holiday cheer” on your gift-receiver's face, can be challenging.
The gift-giving dilemma hinges on one question: what will the other person like? And this question can be answered well by knowing the personality type of the person for whom you wish to find the perfect gift.

So let’s see how knowing the six personality types of the RIASEC model can make you a Star-gifter.

1. The Realists: Practicality runs higher than sentiments
These are the ones, most likely to cringe on the emphasis of material pomp and show, but if they succumb to the alleged commercialisation of holidays; the Realists will be glad to unwrap a functional and simple gift. Well, be thoughtful and don’t just hand them a toolbox, buy something they can use in their day-to-day lives. Also, a good idea would be to leave the receipt/ tags intact; after all, what is more practical than having the option to exchange?

2. The Investigatives: What would Watson gift Sherlock?

As the name suggests, Investigatives will love a good mystery. Having to make efforts to discover their gift could actually be more fun than the gift itself.  So for the curious Investigatives, drop a few hints, leave subtle clues to pique their interest and give them a not-so-easy quest that leads them to their present.

3. The Artistics: Try some DIY
Something off-the-rack will not really excite the Artistics. So, if you can match their creativity and make a gift, you win.  Just be sure that your gift is about something they are passionate about: a mix-tape (okay yes, for 2017,  an iTunes playlist) for the music lover, a painting for the art enthusiast or you can pen something for that “logophile“ friend, all are good ideas.  What will matter is something that's one-of-a-kind, priceless.

4. The Socials: What to give to the Giver?
Well, it is actually simple: a chance to give. The helpful, kind and generous Socials, are the ones who enjoy in making holidays happening for others. They will most probably be already busy planning a holiday bash, where there is no fixed guest-list because everyone is invited. So, the best gift for the friendly and giving Socials, would be to an opportunity to indulge in their philanthropic-self.

5. The Enterprisings: Can you buy happiness? No? Think again!
The competitive and ambitious Enterprisings are most inclined to be hedonistic; it doesn’t mean they value only expensive gifts, but it would be difficult to impress them with that humble present of yours.  So be prepared, you may have to swipe that extra credit card, to wish them well, happy holidays.

6. The Conventionals: 'Tis the best time of the year!

True to their traditional selves, the Conventionals wait for the holiday season all year long and make sure they make the most of it. Selecting a gift for them is easy; pick something practical, value-for-money. But work on the presentation: that all-things-Christmas wrapping paper, the matching ribbon bow,  and if you can, even add some snow; all of it will be crucial to the success of your gifting endeavour.

 Here's wishing you good luck and happy holidays!


Akshay Pratap Singh
Senior Executive, Marketing and Communications
Akshay has 6 years of experience in marketing and communications. He likes to read and write on diverse topics, with a keen interest in human psychology, philosophy, and languages.