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04 Jun 2019


With campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore, the EDHEC is one of the top 15 European Business Schools. Deeply international and directly connected to the world of business, it is well known for its excellent research  as well as its capacity to train entrepreneurs and managers capable of pushing boundaries.

A real incubator for ideas, organisations place high value on its innovative solutions. Its teaching practices are fed by its research, as well as a "learning by doing" culture that "build people to build business.


As a Grande École specialising in Management, the EDHEC’s mission is to not only train students, but also provide them with quality support when it comes to starting their careers, and best prepare them for entering  the job market.

The EDHEC gives its students the tools to obtain a better knowledge of themselves, as well as fully preparing them for the world of work.

As the latter still poses a global challenge, future graduates have the opportunity to make an impact beyond their studies, becoming brand ambassadors for the school in their place of work

At the same time, the EDHEC supports its more experienced graduates as well as recent graduates who already have professional experience and come to the EDHEC for Executive training.


The EDHEC has always been keen to implement a compulsory career guidance programme, devoting a significant amount of time on the course to it. Central Test has therefore offered an assessment course adapted to students’ programmes.

At the start of the course, either in the first year of the post-bac BBA programme or in the pre-Master’s phase of the post-prep programme, students take the VOCATION occupational interests inventory test.

This test identifies the type of professional activity in which the student would be most likely to flourish, the environments in which they will be able to develop, and the potential aptitudes they would be able to show. Students are therefore able to plan ahead and explore different career paths based on constructive analysis of their interests with the support of professional consultants from the EDHEC.

The Central Test solutions have also been primarily deployed as part of the programme followed by all EDHEC final year students: the TI&CD, “Talent Identification and Career Development programme”. At this stage of the course where entering the job market becomes a primary focus , students take 2 assessments: the Professional Profile 2 personality test and the GAAT critical reasoning test.

PP2 gives students a better uderstanding of their way of working, their professional interactions,  and supports them in identifying their values and aspirations. The test helps them determine the environments in which they would be able to flourish and also teaches them to highlight their professional qualities at job interviews. The GAAT helps them to assess their capacity for critical analysis, a key asset in the managerial posts they are targeting.

To help the EDHEC provide support that can be adapted to any context, Central Test has an easy-access, and highly flexible platform for taking tests . The tests can therefore be taken by many students at the same time, as well as individually when needed . Central Test’s customised consulting responds to any specific questions or requests related to the assessments, including help with interpreting the results.


The excellent success  of young EDHEC graduates in the international job market is obvious.  In 2017, for example, 45% of Master's students at the EDHEC signed their first employment contract before their graduation(1).

The quality of Central Test’s solutions is shown by the excellent feedback from EDHEC students and consultants. They are convinced of the importance of the career guidance course in their success path, and particularly the role of the Central Test assessments used on this course.

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Historically, we have been one of the first management and engineering schools in France to invest a lot in the students. Since 1995 our approach has been to equip students with the tools  to help them to gain a better knowledge of themselves. We believe this to be essential for building their professional career, all the more so at a time when they are also building themselves up mentally.” Manuelle MALOT, Director Careers and EDHEC NewGen Talent Center

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