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CIBC - Modernising skills assessments to improve the user experience

01 Jul 2019

CIBC - Modernising skills assessments to improve the user experience


For more than 20 years now, the network of CIBCs has supported public policies in the fields of employment, vocational training and the recognition of acquired experience and prior learning.

From defining career development projects to identifying skills and enhancing professional abilities, the CIBCs propose comprehensive skills assessments for professionals.


In March 2018, the Loire, Haute Loire and Cantal CIBCs approached Central Test, a publisher of psychometric tests and an expert in the evaluation of human potential.

The objective of their collaboration was was to move psychometric resources over to a paperless format in order to modernise the assessments, enabling the candidates to answer the questionnaires remotely and online.


Since 1995, the CIBCs have been using psychometric tests for creating skills assessments. These provide personal insight into how well  candidate profiles match specific sectors and occupations.

Before involving Central Test, the Loire, Haute Loire and Cantal CIBCs had a number of its clients sit paper-based tests. The marking of the questionnaires was also handled manually. However, with the emergence of new technologies, the Loire, Haute Loire and Cantal CIBCs felt it was vital to modernise this system.

Thanks to the solutions proposed by Central Test, the candidates now benefit from greater flexibility when taking these tests. In addition to designing and distributing a huge range of HR evaluation resources, Central Test offers the option for training its clients. This gives them the most accurate means of interpreting a candidate's results, providing vital support in a decision-making process (e.g. recruitment, internal mobility, talent management, etc.).

Profil Pro 2 and VOCATION are the two tests most frequently used by the Loire, Haute Loire and Cantal CIBCs.

The first of these makes it possible to anticipate professional success by evaluating the candidates’ personality traits and their behaviour and performance at work.

VOCATION is a questionnaire that identifies  a person’s interests and the professional activities, which may be best suited to him or her.

Armed with the combined results from these two questionnaires, the Loire, Haute Loire and Cantal CIBCs are able to obtain a precise overview of a person. Thanks to Talent Map (the matching tool developed by Central Test) they can have a clear insight into the candidate’s potential, making it possible to quickly identify their compatibility with the job and the company culture.

Concise, and featuring personalised comments, the reports are popular with the candidates. The reports facilitate a more empirical work process for an assessment manager, while helping the candidates to understand themselves better and to identify their own needs.

A business English test and a test of managerial skills have also been used. They have made it possible to open up the range of services proposed by the CIBCs to different profiles with more specific requirements.


After being immediately adopted by CIBC’s consultants, Central Test’s tools have made it possible to save considerable time , while also offering unrivalled ease of use and outstanding customisation.

With the move to paperless questionnaires, the CIBC’s consultants can now spend more time talking to the candidates, enabling them to better assess their careers and professional plans.

Finally, the introduction of paperless questionnaires meets a very modern need: by using Central Test’s services, the Loire, Haute Loire and Cantal CIBCs are now fully up to date. The service is faster and more dynamic, and can be performed in a simpler and more efficient manner.


“Incorporating Central Test’s solutions in preparing  our skills assessments has enabled us to save a considerable amount of time, offering a user-friendly experience, better support for our candidates and, therefore, the possibility to draw up a skills assessment that more closely matches the wishes and requirements of our clients.

Christophe GICHTENAERE, Director of CIBC Loire, Haute Loire et Cantal

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