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Our Code of Ethics

Our tests are used by organizations, recruitment and job agencies, universities, career centers, and individuals for their career orientation and self-assessment.

Our online assessments can be used for:

  • Interview support within the context of recruitment
  • Personal development
  • Internal employee evaluations and career management
  • Job hunting support
  • Training and coaching
  • Evaluation of work relationships

Their use is subject to a code of ethic, stipulated by Central Test:

  • Confidentiality of information: a client company cannot communicate the test results to a third party without the interested person’s knowledge, i.e. without explicit permission from the concerned party.
  • The applicant/employee always has the possibility to access his/her tests, either immediately upon validation, (which is generally the case), or after an interview. From your extranet or Client Account, you can manage the “activation” or “deactivation” of the applicant/employee results.
  • The applicant/employee has the right to request that the client company deletes his/her personal data. For this he/she must deal directly with the client company.
  • In the context of recruitment, personality tests should be considered firstly as support tools to accompany an interview. They must not be used as exclusive tools of preselection.
  • The evaluator is forewarned that the test validity is not absolute. Central Test is committed to optimizing the validity of its tests and uses recognized psychometric methods to this end. Nevertheless, the relevance of the test scores also depends upon the candidness who answered the tests.
  • Our tests aim to better grasp the main behavioral tendencies (or motivations, etc.) within a professional context. On the other hand, they do not evaluate :
    - General stamina or “work load”,
    - The depths of the person’s personality.
  • Each profile can be compared to standardized functions defined beforehand by Central Test or specifically by the company. The profile/job adequacies defined by Central Test are only indicative.

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